Pong with realtime sound fx

A minimal version of the classic arcade game Pong featuring 100% realtime generated sound effects made using my softsynth.

Give it a try!


See included readme-file for details.
System requirements: Windows/OpenGL

:: Download zpong.zip (32 kb)
2006-08-03: Updated! Now in stereo.
2006-06-29: Updated! Improved sound quality.


I'm working on a minimal game engine for writing small arcade games.
Here is a screenshot of the engine editor:

In the editor you control all parts about the game you are making. This includes graphics, sound effects and the game program logic. ZPong and Triple-E are made completely within the editor. While working on a game everything is saved in a single XML-file, which is easy to maintain and read.

My goal for making this engine is to learn new cool stuff about game development. I'm not promising it will ever be finished or released in any form :)

Update: The engine and tool is now released: ZGameEditor.
ZPong and its source is included as a sample application in the ZGameEditor distribution.

ZGameEditor homepage