A small test application for Particle systems.

You can set the parameters manually, or just use random settings with the right mouse button. The current particle emitter can be cloned with the left mouse button and then the clones can be pushed around the screen.


Click on picture for larger view.


Mouse - Move
Left mouse button - Clone the current particle system
Right mouse button - Randomize particle parameters
F - Toggle feedback effect
G - Hide/show instructions
Cursor keys - Change particle parameters


No setup procedure needed. Just put the Particles-folder anyway you like.
To start: double-click the Particles.exe file.


Delete the Particles-folder to uninstall. The application does not save any settings or ini-files.

System requirements

Very low. Should work on any Win32 system with OpenGL 1.4 compatible card.

Command line options

-f Fullscreen
-s Silent (disable sound)

For instance "Particles.exe -f -s" to start the application in fullscreen and no sound. Default is run in window with 800x600 resolution.

Source code

ParticeToy is made with ZGameEditor and is included as a sample application in the ZGameEditor distribution.

ZGameEditor homepage.

Download Screensaver

:: Download ParticleToy Screensaver ( 50 kb)
2006-12-30: Updated to support "preview" dialog. Less cpu-demanding.
A non-interactive version of Particle Toy for use as a screen saver. See included readme-file for instructions.

Note: May not work if you have a Intel graphics driver because they disable hardware OpenGL support when a screensaver is running. See OpenGL 3D screensavers run slowly article at


:: Download ParticleToy ( 38 kb)
2006-11-10: Version 0.03:
- A=Autopilot
- M=Minor adjust of parameters
- improved feedback effect
2006-10-30: First release