Introducing ZGameEditor: 64kb game maker tool for Windows

A tool for creating small arcade style games and screensavers.



- integrated developer environment where you build, preview and test your game
- 3d graphics components
- 2d game play components
- scripting language
- real time audio synthesizer
- xml-based project files: only one file for each project
- creates stand-alone executable files that are only 64kb or less in size
- create Windows screensavers
- create animations to use in other applications (about-dialogs or splash-screens)
- FREE: editor is freeware and the content you create can be distributed royalty free

Sample projects

For examples of programs that can be created with the tool, see these links:
- CleanseCube
- ParticleToy
- Triple-E
- ZPong
- Steering

All the above programs are provided as sample projects with their full definition files included, and can be examined and modified freely.

System requirements:
- Windows
- OpenGL capable graphics card
- DirectX for audio support


Click for fullsize images.


ZPong in preview window

Sound FX editor

Texture bitmap defined by script