Vectrex Thrust Overlay

Manu Pärssinen has made a great looking overlay for Vectrex Thrust.

Here is a page describing in detail on how to create a Vectrex overlay: Mark's projects: How to Create Vectrex Overlays.

Here is another page.

I haven't actually made a physical version of this overlay myself, but I please let me know if you do or email a photo so I can post an image of how it looks in real life.

I've also prepared a MESS-version. Here is a picture of the overlay in the MESS-emulator:

:: Download hi-res Vectrex Thrust Overlay (71kb)
This is a hi-res 1282x1650 PNG file, just right-click and "Save as" to save a copy on your computer.

:: Download Vectrex Thrust Overlay for MESS (98kb)
To use the overlay in MESS, follow these instructions:
Download the zip-file , then either:
. unzip the files in the mess\artwork\vectrex folder
. or rename the zip-file "" and put it in the mess\artwork folder