NanoJPEG decoder for Delphi 

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ZgeViz music visualizer 

Two demo videos of the upcoming music visualizer ZgeViz which is based on ZGameEditor:

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Qoob modeler with ZGameEditor integration 

Qoob by Auld is a new 3d-modeler based on procedural techniques and is therefore perfectly suited for projects where minimal size is a priority such as the demo scene and ZGameEditor.

I've created a DLL that allows applications created with ZGE to use models from Qoob. Visit the thread on ZGameEditor forum for more information.

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ZGameEditor 1.9.9 released! 

ZGameEditor is a free game authoring tool that generates native high-performance stand-alone compact executables for Win32, Linux x86 and OS X. Now 3 years after initial release ZGameEditor has reached version 1.9.9 and it's the most feature packed update yet!

ZGameEditor is an ideal tool for experimenting with procedural content generation techniques and developing OpenGL-applications. Make games, demos and screen savers using advanced graphics features such as multiple render passes, render targets and shaders. Instant GUI feedback of your changes. No waiting for build times!

ZGameEditor is 100% Free Open Source software.

New features in 1.9.9 include:

- render to texture
- multiple render passes
- web-connectivity
- string support in scripting language
- calling external libraries

And also many other improvements and changes!

Download ZGameEditor here:

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SonnenmördeR - New game from JPH Wacheski  

JPH keeps making quality games with ZGameEditor. This time it is a Galaxian-style space shooter called SonnenmördeR.

Download here.

More info in this thread on Tigsource.
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