Vectrex Thrust

Welcome to Vectrex Thrust

This is the homepage of Vectrex Thrust - a remake of the classic Commodore 64 game 'Thrust' for the Vectrex video game console.

For more information, please view the readme-file.

Vectrex Thrust can be played in emulation using the excellent Java-based emulator ParaJVE.

Vectrex Thrust can be played on iOS devices with this app: Vectrex Regeneration.

Short movie of Vectrex Thrust played on a real vectrex 320x240 (1.5 Mb)

Another movie in higher quality 640x480 (10.3 Mb)

NEW! Short movie in Quicktime format. Kindly submitted by Cyril Denis. Resolution 160x120 (0.9 Mb)


Comments about Vectrex Thrust:

"I must say what a great conversion it is. [...] Excellent stuff! [...] Very playable." - Alex Herbert, author of Protector (widely regarded as the finest Vectrex game).

"that. is. F[...]NG. BRILLIANT!"
"Haven't seen anything that impressive since... the 2600 version of Thrust now i think about it. =-)"
"Amazing!" - The Llamasoft forum, in this thread.

"Wow, it's AWESOME !!!! [...] it's incredibly polished [...] game play is REALLY slick"
- Richard Hutchinson, author of VecFlash/VecVox

"a cracking feat of coding and a wonderful game"
- oddbob of RetroRemakes in this thread.

"Words are inadequate to be able to praise this game highly enough[...] the ultimate tribute to Jeremy Smiths genius." - Mat Allen, Retro Gamer Magazine issue #35.

"Worth the purchase of a Vectrex just for this title" - Blakespot


:: Download Vectrex Thrust 1.2 February 1, 2016 (22 kb)

You can also order Vectrex Thrust on a Vectrex cartridge from: