Atari ST demos

I did a few demos for the Atari ST computer back in the 1980:s. I worked together with Henrik Edeland, a.k.a. CCK.

If you have an interest for this kind of old nostalgia then you can download my demos here. To view them on a modern computer you need an Atari ST emulator, such as "WinSTon" or "SainT".

:: Download "The Lazer Demo" (173kb)

Our first demo from 1987. Released under the group name "ZZAP GAMES". link.

:: Download "ZZDemo3" (1987) (275kb)

Our second demo from 1987. link.

:: Download "The Skinny Puppy Demo" (581kb)

This demo is a tribute to industrial synth band "Skinny Puppy". Released in 1988. Here we changed group name to "Flexible Front". link.

:: Download "The Reflex Demo" (1990) (110kb)

Our last demo released in 1990. Contains artwork by Erik (a.k.a. "Earthlight"). link.
I thought this was our best demo, but one of the poet-comments is "i cannot watch this very long it looks like a fake demo". Oh well, at least we tried :)

Party demos

We contributed with demo screens on two "party demos":

Whattaheck Demo link.

Sowatt Demo link.


:: Download source code (296kb)

Zip-file with source for some of my demoscreens in Motorola 68000 assembler. I dug these up from some old diskettes I've found in my attic. They are mostly without comments.