Software synthesizer

I've written a software synthesizer for use in my game engine.

Here is a screenshot (click to enlarge):

For the Triple-E game demo I used a mixture of precalculated and realtime audio. With this new synthesizer I will hopefully be able to use 100% realtime audio for future projects.

This is my first attempt at something like this so I had to do some research first. I'm listing the resources here hoping it might be helpful for anyone wanting to do something similar. Here are some links that was very useful for me:

1. Tammo Hinrichs "kb" of demo-group Farbrausch homepage
He has written some good articles about audio programming.
Here is a direct link to the articles.
There is also a video of a seminar that Tammo held over here.

2. Jari Kleimola masters thesis "Design and Implementation of a Software Sound Synthesizer"
Over 100 pages about audio programming.

3. DirectSound C/C++ Reference
You need this info to make sound on Windows.

4. The Synthesis ToolKit in C++
A advanced audio toolkit developed at universities.
Main author of the toolkit is Perry Cook who has also written a book: "Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications".

5. Audiality
An open source audio toolkit.
"A scalable and portable audio engine for music and sound effects".
Written by a swede called David Olofson.

6. Noise Sculpture
Homepage of a free downloadable book called "How to make a noise: sound design and synthesiser programming"
A very good introduction to synthesizers in general.

7. "Basic sound theory and synthesis" article by Dr Petter.


You can try my little test program to hear for yourself what it sounds like.

:: Download (237 kb)