Gyro-Phyter Neo 

Another great game from JPH Wacheski made with ZGameEditor: "Gyro-Phyter Neo".
This is his best ZGE work yet with brilliant retro style action!

Gyro-Phyter Neo Gameplay video:

JPHs homepage:

ZGameEditor homepage:

A work-in-progress version of the game can be downloaded from this thread (scroll down for latest version).

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Another cool game made with ZGameEditor 

Jph Wacheski has released another game with ZGameEditor, and it's even better than his first!

Try it here: CandyCorn UnderGrowth on indiegames-blog

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First released ZGE game 

Jph Wacheski has made a very cool little game with ZGameEditor!

Try it here: Loose Pixels POW entry on indiegames-blog

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ZGameEditor source code released 

The full source code for ZGameEditor is now available from the Download page!
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ZGameEditor 1.7.0 with cross-platform runtime! 

The game creation tool ZGameEditor is released in new version 1.7.0 with the following changes:

- ZGameEditor now has a cross-platform runtime engine: "Make your projects run under Linux and Mac OS X".
- New sample project FPS-Demo demonstrates how to create a 3D game.

Screenshots of FPS-Demo on Windows, ShaderDemo on Mac OS X, FPS-Demo on Ubuntu Linux:

For more info and download: click here to view the change log.
Or go to the main ZGameEditor page.
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