Transform effects?

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Transform effects?

Post by VilleK »

I have an idea how to make the existing effects be more reactive to audio. We could have a new category of effects called "Transform". It will be a zlibrary routine that is called before each model instance is rendered and can modify the current transform matrix (that is passed to scripting in an array). This will give the script the ability to modify scale, position and rotation of all models in each frame of all existing foreground/background effects.

So for instance if BallZ is selected as foreground, selecting a transform effect will allow the script to move all the balls in response to the spectral array (or whatever algorithm is used in the script). And a foreground effect that just instances an array of static models can be given life using the transform effect.

This will give another layer of combinations giving the whole plugin a lot more visual variation. Every existing effect can be just as audio reactive as CubesGrasping. The transform effects can have their own set of parameters too.

Additionally the transform effect could be called before each RenderMesh or RenderSprite component too, performance allowing.

Any thoughts?
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Post by jph_wacheski »

An interesting idea,. so we would be adding another set of sliders for this new modify script?

One possible problem I would anticipate is that some elements of some scripts may not look good with some objects in them moving or wrongly aligned, (ones use quads to apply full screen effects and such). Since this will be selectable from the sliders,. it should be fine.

If I understand correctly, these transforms will be applied by the plugin and will work without having to modify all the scripts,. right? Optionally we could have these new effects selectively applied by requiring some sort of 'tags' in the scripts,. but this would require all the scripts be modified to select for which objects get the transforms.
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Post by StevenM »

very interested here. So as I understand it, we will have Clear, Background, Foreground and new category called Transform? This will make for easy script development and many more possible combinations. Lots of possible effects for a category like this too - should be a lot of fun. Do you think color should be part of this category?

I think this is a great idea. One concern is that some earlier scripts, as JPH alluded to - might not support this too well - but I think it might be good to start thinking of presets as being modular combinations of the effect scripts.

I do wish there was a way to affect foreground or background separately.

One thought is interpolation - Ballz for example - notice how transforms there are smooth - It would be nice to be able to interpolate between transform effects. I guess Interpolation time could be a default value or parameter slider. However, This seems like something that could be very difficult.
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