Public display OK? I should probably ask ....

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Public display OK? I should probably ask ....

Post by Mic »

Hey is it OK to slap up a screen and show ZGameEditor Visualizer in public? Have a friend that promotes local bands in Jamaica and when I am over there I thought it would be fun to hook up FLoops audio ins to the mixer and project some stuff ... no money involved :-( :-) but I thought I should ask you if that would be OK ..... (maybe you might have to come over and change a line of code :-)

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Post by VilleK »

Using it live is definitely fine by me, this is precisely the sort of application I was hoping for when we started working on the visualizer. Technically ZGameEditor Visualizer as a product is owned by Image-Line since they ordered and payed us do produce it for them, so you can check with them too but I'm sure they only consider it good marketing for their products.

If you can record some of it on video when it is projected at the venue then that would be great too.
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