ZgeViz 2.0 on YouTube

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ZgeViz 2.0 on YouTube

Post by VilleK »

I'm pleased to see that version 2 of the "ZGameEditor Visualizer" plugin in FL Studio has gained some popularity.

Looking at YouTube there are at least 10 videos uploaded each day with the ZGameEditor tag, from various countries and all kind of music genres.

Which is not bad considering there are probably even more ZGE videos uploaded in total to various other social media and also videos that don't add the ZGameEditor tag.

Btw, most of them are using Kjells Polar script :)

This makes it the most widespread use of ZGE engine so far.

Some cool tutorials are appearing too.

This one in Spanish has over 30k views:

And this one demos how to use ZGE in realtime:
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