MilkDrop info and links - maybe something here ZGEviz...?

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MilkDrop info and links - maybe something here ZGEviz...?

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A MilkDrop clone for ZGE looks like it will possible, but it's going to require a lot of planning and research. If anyone has some insight or advise it would be appreciated - there are some significant technical hurdles here in regard to porting this to ZGE.

Two things I'm not at all sure about -

How the flow field/feedback effects are achieved here (pixelMaps?).

The effect of morphing every preset/parameter change has me perplexed. There is an option to hard cut - but is off by default.

MilkDrop Info:
Milk drop source
Developer's website

Ryan Geiss is also a contributer to GPU gems 3 -" Ryan has been a pioneer in music visualization for many years. While working at Nullsoft, he wrote many plug-ins for Winamp, most notably the popular MilkDrop visualizer. More recently, he spent several years as a member of the NVIDIA Demo Team, creating the "GeoForms" and "Cascades" demos and doing other GPU research projects."

Some MilkDrop ports:

Live Demo:
Source code:

source code: ... t/download

Milkdrop forums
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