Porting to Mac OS X

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Porting to Mac OS X

Post by diki »

just checking since i recently had to give away my pc and was 'forced' to buy a macbook ;) ... i assume that porting ZGE to mac os x would be a herculean effort of translating at least the entire gui to the mac equivalent of whatever windows uses for that?
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Post by Kjell »


Boot Camp .. although I'm pretty sure you already knew.

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Post by VilleK »

The next version of Delphi is rumored to be able to compile GUI-applications to Windows, Linux and OS X. So if that appears then porting ZGE Designer tool will at least to possible without a full rewrite.

Meanwhile you should try Parallells or Bootcamp. I've only booted my Mac in OS X mode twice, once which was to start the Boot camp installer for installing Win 7 :)
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Post by kattle87 »

then I'm REALLY curious to know when this new Delphi version will be out.
In the mean time, Darwine could be a way to go, too...
This is just a random result from searching "wine on macosx" on google.
BTW: on linux under wine, the interface can appear to freeze if you insert components by right click-components. It works fine if you just give a "ctrl-a" or whatever the combination is. If this happens, try pressing "esc". This saved me a few times.
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